About WPGF

I’m Judith, Your WordPress Girl Friday. I’ve been an Online Consultant for over 18 years and a WordPress Consultant for a decade @ The IStudio®. You can read all about that over on my WordPress Concierge Consulting Services Web site.

Every day I get panicked and frustrated e-mails from everyday WordPressers who just need a question or two answered. They don’t need a site package; most don’t even need an hour of my time. They are those who prefer to DIY, are getting error messages or want to accomplish a task that just requires a tad of advice or experienced hand-holding.

This site was born to help those seeking answers to a question or two or are seeking help with their WordPress site or Blog. Now, they are able to do so quickly and inexpensively. By having an e-mail only ticket system, that allows me to offer great pricing and you get the direction and answers you seek — in writing — within hours during the business hours of Monday-Thursday/9a-5p CDT.

Please note: Being I am not online most weekends, tickets submitted on Friday’s will be addressed on a case by case basis (but no later than Monday morning). I don’t want to dive into something and then have your ticket left hanging over the weekend.

Why “Girl Friday”? It’s fun and it fits! And anyone who knows me knows I’m the nostalgic type and love old black and white movies. I first remember hearing about a Girl Friday in the Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell movie, His Girl Friday.

GIRL FRIDAY: An efficient and faithful female assistant. The expression plays on man Friday, a name for a devoted male servant or assistant. The name Friday comes from Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, whose shipwrecked hero named the young native who became his faithful companion for the day of the week when he found him. In the mid-1900s Friday was applied to a male servant and then a women secretary or clerk. The expression girl Friday gained currency through a motion picture starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, His Girl Friday (1940)

Ahhh…. The good old days! As your WordPress Girl Friday, I’ll be your faithful assistant when you just need a little WordPress help here or there!

Important Legal Statement: WordPress Girl Friday is not affiliated with or sponsored by Automattic, Inc. or the WordPress Open Source project. WordPress is a trademark of Automattic, Inc.