3 Easy Steps for Great WordPress Post Ideas

If you have a Blog, you know how you always have to be literally on the prowl for great post ideas that not only are what your visitors want to read about, but that engage them, cover current topics of interest and make them want to read more.

This is a challenge for any Blog owner from those just starting out and established larger Blogs alike. If you want to have a Blog that gets bookmarked and better yet subscribed to, you almost have to be thinking how everything you read, see or hear can be turned into an interesting Blog post.

Here’s what I do …

  1. I have a little red diary type notebook that is pretty much with me all the time. When I get even the slightest flash of a good idea, I write it down. Right then and there. If I don’t, I know I’ll get distracted and the thought will be gone.
  2. Subscribe and read as many other Bloggers in your area of focus as you can to keep up with trends and conversations. No doubt you’ll run into post topics that you can easily put your own unique spin on or voice your opinion about.

    I have a folder in my e-mail program called Blogs and then subfolders for each of my Blogs within. When I get an e-mail that notes something I want to address in a future post, I highlight that topic in red type and then file it in the appropriate folder for when I have that all too common writer’s block.

    When actually at a Blog with a topic that you want to expound upon or add your own little twist to, here again, create a bookmark folder in your browser for “Blog Posts” and bookmark that post’s page for future reference. Many Blogs have the option of e-mailing posts. In this case you can e-mail yourself a copy to be filed in your e-mail program’s Blog folder for future reference when you are ready to write your fresh and original post on the topic.

  3. Something I also do is to login to my WordPress Admin panel, start a new post, title it with my idea and then put some quick notes about the direction I want to type about in the content area. Then I save it as a Draft. That way I also have a collection of Drafts I can draw upon for future posts.

It is the rare talent that can sit at their keyboard and just start typing away each day, day in and day out and produce relevant quality posts of interest. That’s why having a collection of resources available that have already spurred your creative juices is a great way to have an archive of ideas available when you need it.

Part of writing great posts is thinking about what your readers what to read about. By always having that radar on and taking a moment when you find these gems or have those incredible epiphanies to jot them down, bookmark them, file them or draft them — you’ll save yourself a ton of time and actually make creating your posts more enjoyable. For you and your readers alike.

I’d love to hear how others keep their creative juices flowing to ensure they always have something new and fresh to write about. Please do share!

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